Control and monitoring systems require cordsets, communication converters, and other devices and accessories to connect process instrumentation to data acquisition devices. These products allow you to manage and maintain multiple processes throughout a facility or for remote site management across numerous locations.

Instrumentation Data Communication and Connectivity

Branom Instrument Co. distributes data communication products from trusted manufacturers. Our inventory includes communication products for radio or web-based connectivity to cover a range of industrial networking and process control applications.

We have decades of process instrumentation experience and offer technical service and training to assist with setup, operation, and maintenance. Provide us with your requirements, and our team of experts will help you find the best solution for your process monitoring applications.

Connectors and Cordsets

Use quick-connect cordsets and connectors to attach sensors and other instrumentation to a power supply or signal. Options include single-ended and double-ended cordsets, splitters, field wireable connectors, and panel mount receptacles. Our inventory includes connectors and cordsets from Turck and Banner Engineering.

Communication Converters

Converters allow communication and bridge connectivity between measurement instrumentation and ethernet networks. Our inventory includes protocol converters, serial converters, media converters, and more. We supply communication converters from INOR, Red Lion, and Absolute Process Instruments.

Ethernet Connectivity

Industrial Ethernet products provide the connectivity required for complex and diverse industrial networks.

We carry ethernet switches, cables, connectivity cards, and other industrial ethernet solutions from Red Lion, Watlow and Turck.

Remote Monitoring

Web-based remote monitoring products provide real-time alarms and notification to your computer or mobile device. Manage and monitor your on-site and off-site process monitoring systems from any location where you have an internet connection. We offer remote monitoring solutions from Omnisite.

Wireless Radio

Wireless radio devices allow for real-time data transmission, and remote monitoring of equipment and processes. These devices provide an alternative for applications where you cannot use hard-wired or web-based communications. Our inventory includes wireless radio products from Banner Engineering and Krohne.

Signal Conditioners

Signal conditioning instruments are used for data acquisition and work by converting or amplifying analog signals into a standard output signal. . Use these communication instruments for temperature, frequency, and process equipment applications. We offer signal conditioners from manufacturers, including Inor, Red Lion, and Absolute Process Instruments.

Communication Accessories

Branom carries an extensive inventory of accessories from Turck, Banner Engineering, Red Lion, and PULS. Select from power supplies, cords, cabling, software, battery modules, mechanical components, and more.

Learn More About Our Industrial Networking and Communication Solutions

Branom works with customers across a diverse range of industries to supply high-quality data communication and process instrumentation products. Our technical team understands that each application has different requirements and has the expertise to provide solutions based on your unique needs.

We offer the most extensive product inventory in the Pacific Northwest. Request a quote or contact us to discuss your data communication requirements.